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Toy Fox Terrier (TFT) Puppies For Sale
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Testimonials from our Satisfied Customers
and Proud new parents.

TFT Puppies Sold Gallery

Toy fox terriers make GREAT companions and friends,
below you will see the beginnings of a few great relationships
we have been fortunate to foster.

A pictures says a thousand words!

(Click on images for larger view.) 




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Below you will find our testimonials from past customers that have
added one of our little bundles to their family. 


"Good Morning Barbara,

I hope this email finds you and all your puppies doing well.  

Sadie is four months old now and the sweetest thing ever.  She is super smart!  Her good breeding is so very apparent."  

I've attached a current picture.  She's  4.4 pounds now.  



Hi Barb,

I wanted to give you a quick update on Niblet.

He is doing great! He has assimilated very well into our little clan.

Niblet is a very playful and happy puppy. The boys love him and are very gentle with their new “little brother.

Niblet has turned out to be a very suitable name because when he sees something, he has to nibble-it….not to mention he is tiny!!

His potty training is going very well. A couple of mistakes here and there, but we get him outside 95% of the time. 

It’s sort of a funny story I haven’t told you, but throughout this whole puppy buying process my wife was a little concerned about me purchasing a pet from “a random person” on the internet.  Once Niblet arrived and she saw how well taken care of and spoiled he was, she quickly realized that Niblet was not an ordinary dog from an ordinary breeder. 

We were initially concerned about his baldness, but I am happy to report that his hair is growing in nicely.   My theory was that maybe it was because he was an only puppy and mommy probably licked his head a lot more than she would have with a full litter causing him to go bald.  Who knows?  His nose is darkening up, but it looks like he is going to have green eyes. Interesting… Have you ever seen any other green eyed TFT’s?   

Also, the vet said that Niblet was “the pinnacle of canine perfection” and that you did a great job!!

Thank you so much, Barb.  You are highly recommended by the Barnes family!!

T.  Barnes


Ma'am I thank you again for your consideration. God bless you for your prayers My battle buddies and I can definitely use them. My prayers also go out to your elderly friend. God bless you for being a great friend. As for my dog, her name was Essence. I really loved that name.

The puppy's pictures we're beautiful. I feel confident that you take great care in raising these little ones. As far as the litter next year, I've looked on your website and all of them look very impressive so I'm comfortable. If I had to have a preference a white and tan female would be cool, but again, I'm comfortable with whatever color you have available.

Ma'am the price is perfect thank you so much. The little things help out so much. I actually live in South Carolina. So it'll be a road trip to come see you when  get home but well worth it for the care and quality of your pups. It's just a plus that you have champion level dogs in your mix. I'd like to make my deposit as soon as you can take it. It will be good for me to have my own partner in crime once more. Once again I say thank you and God Bless.

Soldier in Afghanistan


Barb Mathews is proud to announce the successes of Rebecca Watford, her TFT Flirt, and her Best Paws Forward dog training classes.   Barb has been training Gracie there and it is really a great dog class. 

Rebecca's TFT, Flirt is an Oreo daughter and has won many honors in Obedience Trials including her RN, her CD, her CGC, and one HIT (High In Trial) and has been featured in Front and Finish (national obedience magazine).

“photo by Michael Loftis Photography”

“photo by Michael Loftis Photography”


Toy Fox Terrier Puppies For Sale

Toy Fox Terrier Puppies For Sale

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Barbara Mathews

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